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Stars Education

Our qualified tutors are experienced in the methods of teachings, ensuring students understand the key concepts of the subjects that they are weak in. In small groups of maximum 5 students, our tutors are able to give individual attention to each student so that learning can be maximised. We run closely with the MOE Syllabus and prepare students for tests/examinations. Lesson plans are planned before every lesson and progress of students are tracked. 1 to 1 tuition can be arranged if you feel your child needs added attention.

Why Choose Us

  • Emphasis on critical thinking
  • Small and focused group taught by ex-MOE teachers and experienced tutors
  • In-line with MOE syllabus
  • Engaging methods and passionate teachings
  • 1 to 1 tuition or International School syllabus can be arranged
  • Remarkable improvement in grades

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Subjects offered


Lower Secondary

Upper Secondary


Special Programmes

English English English H1 / H2 Mathematics Integrated Programme
Mathematics Mathematics Additional Math H1 / H2 Chemistry International
Science Science E Mathematics H1 / H2 Biology AEIS (International Students)
    Combined Science
H1 / H2 Physics  
    Pure Science
Engineering Math
    Principle of Accts