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Free Pre Sec 1 Math Bridging Videos!


I’ve just concluded a 4-lessons Sec 1 Ma Bridging Course with students going to Secondary 1 next year. Progressing from P6 to Sec 1 is a HUGE step. The methods used in Primary school syllabus is entirely different from the Secondary school curriculum. Students who attended this Sec 1 Math course are given a head start to school, learning and exposing to new terms and notations that they will see and use in their upcoming years.

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In this offer, I am making a series of videos of the Sec 1 Math bridging course contents to share with you and your child. The motivation behind this is a parent of my current student, who asked if I can make videos of my lessons so that she can watch and learn with her child at home. I think that this is an excellent idea to spend quality time bonding and learning with your child! Click on the sign-up button now to register for this Sec 1 Math offer and the first video will be sent gift wrapped to your email after Boxing Day!

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The Magical Mathematician


Since Primary School days, I have been intrigued by the world of numbers. Being exposed to Abacus and Math Olympiad further invoke my interest in the world of Mathematics. Since then, I continued to pursue my passion in the subject, graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Applied Mathematics) from National University of Singapore with specialisation in Operations Research. I am currently a Principal in my centre, Stars EduCare, overseeing the tuition program. My philosophy is to cultivate interest in students and to impart mathematical knowledge from the first order principle, not by memorising formulas.

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