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Stars Family

Tutors and Staffs

Ms Christina Low (NUS, Bacherlor of Science, Statistics)

Our Principal of Student Care matters is also a Private Tutor for over 10 years. She has taught students from over 50 schools in Singapore ranging from top IP schools like Nanyang Girls’ High and Hwa Chong Institute to International Schools like United World College. She is also instrumental in inspiring students to reach their full potential in Mathematics. 

Mr Ivan Zheng (NUS, Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics)

Our Principal of Tuition affairs has taught Math at all levels over the past 10 years. Over 500 students have benefitted from his passionate teachings and are excelling not only in the subject but also in stature. He oversees the Tuition Program to ensure all students in Stars receive the best help that they need.

Ms Fenny (Full Time Student Care Teacher)

Coming from a humble background, Ms Fenny enjoys interacting with students from Primary School. She puts in the effort to come out with meaningful games and programs for students during the holidays and is able to guide students in their daily work.

Ms Seetoh Xiu Pin (Full Time Tutor for Primary and Lower Secondary)

Ms Xiupin specializes in all Primary Subjects as well as Lower Secondary Science. She has taught for the last 15 years and understands that there are different methods for different students. Her students have benefitted greatly from customized learning that she plans for them individually.

Mr Aldrich Chua (UOL-SIM, Bachelor of Science, Economics and Political Science)

Mr Aldrich loves the English Language. His extensive experience in teaching English for secondary school students not only provides students education of the English syllabus, but also critical thinking skills as well as study methods to effectively give them an edge over the average student.

Mr Edison Seng (NUS, Bachelor of Science, Business Analytics)

Passion for Chemistry can be cultivated, a belief that Mr Edison believes when he teaches students. Although he chose a pragmatic course of study, he remains committed to imparting Chemistry knowledge to students. This passion has rubbed off on many students that attended his class and many have been grateful to his influence.

Enjoyable Lessons

“Ms Xiupin teaches my daughter Chinese and Math. She can talk to Ms Xiupin about everything under the sun but yet accomplishes her work. She enjoys lessons with her and does not complain about homework” – Parent of student from Qifa Primary

One Stop Service

“We are glad that Ms Xiupin can teach our child in English, Math and Science so we do not have to look around or travel for our kid’s tuition class. Ivan manages the schedule well and keeps us updated of any changes. Make up classes are also done efficiently. “ – Parent of student from Clementi Primary

Dedicated Tutors

“The teachers are very dedicated. They ensure my children practise their work regularly so they are prepared for exams. I entrusted my 3 children to Stars and Ivan manages their schedule impeccably. They have all done well in their exams.”

-Parent of 3 students from Clementi Town Secondary

Finally Passed Exams

“I would like to thank Ms Christina for her help that Joel has improved in his Math and finally passed his exam this year.” -Parent of Sec 3 NA Student from Gan Eng Seng Sec

Good Chemistry

“Sonja has good chemistry with Ms Christina and I am so happy to see she is motivated to learn Math again. Her math have improved much and we are glad to have found the right tutor for her.”    -Parent of International School Student

Personalised Learning

“I send my 2 boys from Normal Tech to Stars from Sec 1. The personalised learning program have allowed the boys to learn at their pace. I had tried other centres and they were either too fast paced or they do not have NT lessons. I am grateful for Ivan and his team in helping them grow. “

-parent of Student from Commonwealth Sec and Tanglin Sec

NT to NA

“My Son Promoted from NT to NA after 3 years of tuition with Stars. Coming from Malaysia, his English improved under Mr Aldrich and achieved over 70%. He also topped the class in Math and Science many thanks to Mr Edison and Ms Xiupin patiently teaching him. “ – Parent of student from Kent Ridge Sec

D to A2

“Jerome scored D in PSLE for Math and having attended Mr Ivan class consistently for 4 years, he scored A2 in N levels and was awarded Edu Save award. Not only is Mr Ivan a tutor, he is also a mentor and friend to Jerome. I am glad to have signed him up with Stars” – Parent of student from New Town Sec

Basics in English

“Mr Aldrich emphasizes on the basics of English and it helps me to construct sentences necessary for Comprehension and Composition. My English improved after 1 year of attending his lesson and I look forward to improving under his pupillage.” – Qin Yang From Kent Ridge Sec

Like no other tutors

“I’ve never liked Chemisty. But Mr Edison taught me in ways no other teachers have taught me before. I feel more confident in answering Chemistry questions now compared to the past. “- Isaac Tan from ACS B