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Stars Student Care

NEW! From 2021 on, we are offering in-house transport pick-up service from Nan Hua Pri, Qifa Pri, Pei Tong Pri!

Vacancies are very limited and available only on a first-come-first-served basis!

This is on top of the existing pick-up from Clementi Pri. Find our daily Student Care Schedule here.

Daily Schedule

Stars Tuition

Personalised learning for students who needs tuition in English, Mathematics, Science and Chinese tuition for Primary and Secondary Subjects.

We work closely with students and parents to work on their weakness and follow their sequence in school.

Check out our Holidays Revision or 2021 Class Schedule here.

Revision/Class Schedule

Our Family

Headed by our 2 Principals with 15 years of tutoring experience, our tutors and staffs are carefully screened and committed to provide the best for our students.

Hear what parents and students have to say about us over the years here.

Tutor Profiles and Testimonials
About Stars EduCare

starsStars EduCare is an education centre which provides tuition services and student care in Clementi. We pride on providing the best of educational support to your child so that every student who have attended Stars EduCare not only excel in academics but also in stature.

With Stars Student Care, we will fetch your child from school*, provide them with nutritious lunch and supervise their school work. Balanced study and play time is allocated until you come and fetch your child home. Excursions and special skill classes are incorporated as well for holistic learning. Find out more about Stars Student Care here!

Stars Education is a focused and specialised small group tuition aimed at improving students’ understanding of subjects being taught in school. We have qualified tutors who are subject matter experts in Primary, Secondary, JC, IP, IB and AEIS tuition. Your child can join our small and focused groups of up to maximum 5 students or arrange for a 1 to 1 tuition. Find out more about Stars Education here!

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